Henries Awards

The Henries awards are the ultimate accolades for greeting card publishers. Here we tell you all about The Henries' namesake, the judging process, share the stories of some of the winning ranges as well as a role call of previous years' winners going back to 2003.

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Fantastic Felt - How Nigel Quiney Publications' Henries award winning Fantasia Felts is spreading its own brand of animal magic. (From Progressive Greetings Kids Supplement December 2009 page 7)

Christmas Carol Singer - PG gets festive with some of the Christmas card publishers who reached the 2009 Henries awards final. (From Progressive Greetings February 2010 pages 103-107)

The Henries'� Namesake - Meet Sir Henry Cole

The Henries Winners 2008

The Henries Winners 2007

A Sister and Brother Act - Personal insight into 2007 Henries Honorary Achievement Award winners Clinton and Debbie Lewin, group managing director and product director of Clinton Cards.
(From Progressive Greetings December 2007 pages 34-35).

Nothing To Hyde Doug Hyde, the artist behind Hallmark's Wellington range (winner of the Best Cute Card Range in The Henries 2007) reveals his creative passion.
(From Progressive Greetings December 2007 pages 36-37)

Child's Play - The creative talents behind the 2007 Henries finalists and winner in the Best Children's Range category.
(From Progressive Greetings Focus on Kids Cards December 2007 pages13 and 15).

A Way With Words - Sentimental feelings from the publishers of the 2007 Henries finalists and winner in the Best Words and Sentiments category.
(From Progressive Greetings Focus on Words & Sentiments October 2007 pages 20, 21,22).

Rites Of Passage - The 2007 Henries judging process.
(From Progressive Greetings September 2007 pages 33,34,35).

The Henries Winners 2006

A Bunch Of Cuties - The cute revelations of the finalists and winners of The 2006 Henries Best Cute Card Range category.
(From Progressive Greetings Focus on Cute June 2007 page 13).

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