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The Henries Winners 2011

Most Promising Young Designer
Sponsored by Slater Harrison
Winner 2011
Lucy Richardson, designer and founder of Allihopa

Best Cute Range
Sponsored by Offset Productions
Winner 2011
Tiddlywinks from Rachel Ellen Designs

Best Spring Seasons Range
Sponsored by GF Smith
Winner 2011
The Amy Jane Collection, Valentine's Day from Laura Darrington Design

Best Trend, Fun or Graphic Range
Sponsored by GLM/National Stationery Show
Winner 2011
Lacie from Paperlink

Best Humorous Range
Sponsored by Antalis McNaughton
Winner 2011
Traces of Nuts from Hanson White (UKG)

Best Art Range
Sponsored by Imperial Litho
Winner 2011
Landscapes from The Art Rooms

Best Handmade or Hand-finished Range
Sponsored by Regent Envelopes
Winner 2011
Ribbon from Janie Wilson

Best Words and Sentiments Range
Sponsored by Enveco
Winner 2011
Lettered from Urban Graphic

Best Children's or Juvenile Range
Sponsored by Loxleys
Winner 2011
Fantasia Felts from Nigel Quiney Publications

Best Wholesale Range
Sponsored by LB Warehousing
Winner 2011
Isabel's Garden from Simon Elvins

Best Occasions or Relations Range
Sponsored by Fedrigoni
Winner 2011
Occasions from The Art File

Best Christmas Box or Pack
Sponsored by Gould Paper Sales UK ltd
Winner 2011
Sparkling Ice from Five Dollar Shake

Best Christmas Counter Cards Range
Sponsored by Windles
Winner 2011
Rubies In The Snow from Five Dollar Shake

Best Photographic Range
Sponsored by Autumn Fair and Spring Fair
Winner 2011
1000 Words from Urban Graphic

Best Licensed Card Range
Sponsored by James Stewart Creative Print
Winner 2011
Collins Gem from Woodmansterne Publications

Best Giftwrappings Collection
Sponsored by Top Drawer January 2012
Winner 2011
Paper Salad from Glick

Best Retail Calendar
Sponsored by Progressive Greetings Live 2012
Winner 2011
V&A John French Photography from Flame Tree Publishing

The Henry Cole Classic Award
Sponsored by The Sherwood Press
Winner 2011
Medici Cards Blue Label from The Great British Card Companyk

Best Service To The Independent Retailer
Sponsored by Cardgains
Winner 2011 Gold Award - UK Greetings
Winner 2011 Silver Award - Nigel Quiney Publications
Winner 2011 Bronze Award - Noel Tatt Group

Honorary Achievement Award
Sponsored by Sound Tech
Winner 2011
Giles Andreae

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